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November 13th 2009

The Brake Drum Percussion electroacoustic trio performs at the Luigi Nono Festival 10th Edition in Trieste - Italy

Festival Luigi Nono X ed

October 27th 2009

The latest Newsletter has been issued: Newsletter2-2

Article from 'Il Gazzettino' (Treviso) on Tuesday October 27th 2009


Article from 'La Tribuna' (Treviso) on Saturday October 17th 2009


October 12th 2009


October 3rd 2009

Biennale VE

September 30th 2009



September 19th 2009

Enrico Bertelli's arrangement of Terry Riley's In C is performed at Teatro Eden - Treviso (Italy) for cancer-research-fundraising event - September 19th - 20.30

September 12th 2009

The Brake Drum Percussion duo + live electronics will take part in the CAF - Computer Art Festival 2009 in Padova. October 5th, 21.30.

CAF brochure

The Brake Drum Percussion will also perform at:

Festival Omaggio A - Alessandria - September 30th

Biennale Musica di Venezia - Venice - October 3rd

Festival Finestre sul '900 - Treviso (Italy) - October 27th

Festival Luigi Nono - Trieste (Italy) - November 14th

Concert-Workshop with Composer Makoto Nomura (Japan) and his ensemble i-picnic with Enrico Bertelli as guest percussionist at Istituto Diocesano - Private Music School in Treviso (Italy) - September 29th

July 25th 2009

The latest Newsletter has been issued: Newsletter 2

April 1st 2009

The Unprecedented, Unprotected Contemporary Music ... Set section has now been opened with video and audio samples included in the concert proposal.

The new Forum has been connected to the home page, discussions and threads will soon be posted. Feel free to subscribe and speak your mind!

March 27th 2009

The Forum is now active. It will soon involve all the info concerning the Brake Drum Percussion, the BDP tube, the UUCMS, the Associazione Sixxen Altre Musiche - with all the info about us as concert managers/organizers - and the Instruments Hire possibilities. Subscriptions open.


2010 2009 Before



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